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At Unicorn Marketing, we’re committed to our clients’ success by helping them find more business through a customized approach to digital marketing.

Performance-based advertising

Our Digital Marketing Approach

01. Plan

Marketing Strategy

The way your audience navigates through the digital landscape across screens, platforms, and mediums is constantly evolving. Your media plan needs to model that behavior, shifting with the audience on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.

Unicorn Digital plans, tests, and pivots media strategies to adapt to your business needs and, most importantly, your customers.

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02. Execute

Performance Marketing

Our approach to content marketing starts with understanding your audience. Without knowing who we’re trying to reach, it’s impossible to know how to reach them.

Once we’ve created personas based on your audience, we focus our attention on picking the right topics based on search volume, buyer intent, difficulty relative to investment, and brand alignment.

03. Optimize

Data Analytics

A well-architected analytics ecosystem increases the value of data being collected and allows you to make smarter decisions when reaching your target market. At Unicorn, we use data, analytics, and insights to inform all aspects of performance marketing, including day-to-day decision making and optimization, periodic program assessment, custom studies, and in-depth insights.

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04. See Results

Success Metrics

A Facebook page on a smartphone screen Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

We provide affordable, full-service marketing for small businesses.

We provide the small business owners with digital marketing services that are affordable and maximizing their profitability.


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