Digital Marketing Trends in Cambodia in 2021

The emergence of digital era in Cambodia was around 5-6 years back, when most businesses moving from traditional to digital marketing. Since then we saw marketing agencies shifting from traditional marketers to digital marketers.

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Businesses saw a huge benefit from using social media to boost their sales, the majority of business owners are familiar with Facebook Advertising. Facebook made it easy for small business owners boost their post to expand their brand’s reach and drive engagement. But as time gone by, Facebook has been constantly updating their user interface and algorithm, with its recent changes caused damages to small business owners, most Facebook in Cambodia got restricted from accessing facebook Advertising and granted a 30-day to appeal for a review, most users did not notice this and their facebook were permanently banned from accessing Facebook Advertising. By then we start to see Facebook Ad guru claiming they can fix Facebook Restriction, some offer to fix it with a small fee, boasting they can get a restricted account released in a matter of minutes.

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Well, now it’s 2021 and we’re hitting hard with Covid-19 pandemic and more and more cases surging everyday. As more businesses are not able to sell at the store due to lockdown, travel restriction, business owners start to see the benefits of moving their business online while most spend more times online. According to a research, people spend time from 75 minutes to 173 minutes in on the internet in May 2021.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Cambodia

Sortlist collected a good numbers in digital marketing agencies when we google about ‘Digital Marketing Agency in Cambodia’. Below are a list of online marketing agencies from freelancers, solo and large agency:

  1. Giantfocus: one of the key player as a one-stop online marketing agency
  2. ADA Asia: A new prominent player in internet marketing service provider in Cambodia
  3. Shaw Group: The old gang in the market, transformed itself, event advertising to digital marketing agency
  4. Brains-Communications: This is also an OG of marketing service provider. They have been around in Cambodia quite a good number of years.
  5. Unicorn Digital: Unicorn is run by a group of marketing doctors and fixers. If you have any marketing issue, or not happy with your marketing team, talk to Unicorn, you will save a lot of money, time and headache.
  6. The iDea Consultancy
  7. KOUPREY Digital is an emerging digital marketing agency dedicated to creating effective and viral forms of content. We produce engaging social media content
  8. phare creative studio: Phare Creative Studio is an innovative social business operated by Phare performing Social Enterprise (PPSE). PCS nurtures Cambodian creativity and supports the new generation of Cambodian artists.
  9. Solidus Marketing Co., Ltd. Solidus recently marked permanently closed on Google search.
  10. Tridital: A full service digital marketing agencyOur team develops effective content strategies for forward thinking companies.

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