Grow your business with Facebook Advertising

Unicorn Digital is the leading Facebook advertising agency in Cambodia, specializes in Facebook ads management. We generate more leads, customers, app downloads, and sales. With almost 12 million users in Cambodia, Facebook has created a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience with incredible accuracy and with any sized budget. 


What can a Facebook advertising agency do for you?

Drive In-store Sales

Increase foot traffic and make it easier for people to find and share information about your business.

Launch a New Product

Generate excitement and maintain momentum around a new product or service.

Promote Your Mobile App

Get your app into the hands of the right people and keep them engaged.

Increase Online Sales

Find new customers and deepen relationships with people who will click through and buy.

Generate Leads

Find your ideal prospects and present them with compelling offers or info about your business.

Promote your Videos

Make sure your videos or commercials are seen by your target audience.

Unicorn Digital Facebook Advertising Agency Services:


Facebook ads operate on a bidding system, which means the person who bids the highest will have their ads shown first. Cost per click usually ranges between $0.10 and $5.00 depending on the targeting, industry, product, or service being advertised. While Facebook has ad solutions for local stores and global corporations, We recommend spending at least $50 a day to be able to get the most from the system.


charges a flat agency rate of 10% – 30% based on your total ad spend. This single fee includes an account manager, ad creative, copywriting, AB testing and reporting. Unicorn Digital works as an extension of your digital marketing team, focusing on your Facebook ads.

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