I want to do online marketing. Who should I hire?

As I have always said, online marketing is not easy. But if you can catch a point or have a good strategy. It’s not difficult to make huge profits as well.

which in order to hire a marketer or a marketer to help manage advertising campaigns Each brand has different options. Some choose from freelancers. Some hire in-house staff, or another popular method. especially for brands that need a comprehensive assistant I’m always looking for an experienced agency.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? Today we are going to compare the pictures in a simple way. for your decision making


This method is quite suitable for newly launched brands. Or have a small budget, for example, less than 10,000 baht per month, still have a lot of marketing activity to do, for example, may run only one advertising campaign on a single channel However, for the brand itself, it is necessary to have clear marketing goals and operational plans.

The advantage of hiring freelancers is that coordination is quite convenient. Get a job quickly because you can talk directly. and sometimes the price of hiring freelancers It’s also cheaper than hiring an in-house or agency.

And the most outstanding feature of freelancers is where and when they work. which is the most flexible among all the types of marketers we have introduced. If there is a point that needs immediate adjustments or corrections, many times, freelancers can do it faster than agencies or even in-house workers who are more strict with their working hours.

But at the same time, the disadvantage is that when there is no fixed contract So some freelancers take on multiple jobs at once. This causes working overload, not being able to fully focus on one’s work, resulting in poor performance. Moreover, being a fixed contract means that freelancers are not tied to the brand, making it difficult to understand the true goals of the company.

In-House Team

If any brand or company is thinking of hiring a team of marketers for their own company. means that the company Start looking at online marketing for the long term. Or perhaps hiring a full-time team is more cost-effective than hiring a freelancer or agency?

The advantage is that full-time employees may have more capacity to work for brands. and can quickly communicate internally without having to go through middlemen

More importantly, being an in-house employee means that the marketer will focus on just one brand of your brand. This gives a deeper understanding of the nature of brands and products. This directly affects the long-term marketing strategy.

But at the same time, training time, an opportunity to update new knowledge or skills. Directly from giant platforms would be less. compared to the agency including when you have to focus on things for a long time Strategic ideas tend to be less dynamic or lacking in freshness.


The last resort is to hire an experienced agency. Because the agency has a team that specializes in each specific area. and has experience from many industries Including being a partner with giant platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Compared to the cost-effectiveness of hiring an in-house company, a company with an in-house team needs to have marketing activity all the time in order to be worth the monthly wages. But for an agency, even the service charge might have an advantage in terms of flexibility. can reduce the budget You can customize your marketing activities each month at any time. This greatly reduces the cost of unnecessary parts.

All of the above It is a simple visual comparison of the selection of marketers in each format. We hope that it will help your readers make an easier decision.

But if you are still not confident or want an online marketing consultant who really has knowledge and understanding of this science. You can contact one of our experts for a free, unconditional consultation. Just click here to reserve a time and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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