Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Cambodia

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Cambodia:

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There are many emerging digital marketing agencies in Cambodia since there are a lot of demand for marketing work. SMEs in Cambodia now needed Facebook marketing more than anything else to grow and scale their business. Large corporations which have a lot of marketing budget, they prefer to be everywhere online. For instance like telecom companies like Smart and Cellcard, you will find them wherever you go online. Banks like ABA and its rival also spend a lot on digital advertising.

When it comes to outsourcing internet marketing agency to come up with digital strategy, media planning, and content marketing, we find it hard to outsource a skilled local agency. Agencies with big name tend to charge through the roof for their work.

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Below are some top agencies where you outsource from small to large marketing campaigns:

Sortlist is an agency directory where you can look up for agency their work.

  1. Giantfocus: one of the key player as a one-stop online marketing agency
  2. ADA Asia: A new prominent player in internet marketing service provider in Cambodia
  3. Shaw Group: The old gang in the market, transformed itself, event advertising to digital marketing agency
  4. Brains-Communications: This is also an OG of marketing service provider. They have been around in Cambodia quite a good number of years.
  5. Unicorn Digital: Unicorn is run by a group of marketing doctors and fixers. If you have any marketing issue, or not happy with your marketing team, talk to Unicorn, you will save a lot of money, time and headache.
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